Oil Filter.Oil Filter.

Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter.

Oil filters remove combustion residues, oil carbons, soot and metal particles from the circulating engine oil. If the oil becomes dirty, it can lead to reduced engine performance and therefore to higher fuel consumption, and at worst to engine damage. Even the smallest dirt particles in the oil form a sort of grinding paste that can destroy the surfaces of engine components. Dirty oil also often causes damage to the bearings.

What happens if oil filter is not replaced?
Oil dirt and residues are caught in the oil filter. By time oil filter gets clogged. Hence reducing the oil flow to other engine components through it leading to insufficient lubrication.

After market/ non-genuine oil filters are not recommended to be used as they doesn’t provide the quality filtration as Volkswagen Genuine Oil filter. Even if new, the flow of oil will be affected too.

What we do:

At every service interval of 10,000 km or 6 months to 1 year (whichever occurs first and depending on the oil condition) we replace the oil filter with the engine oil and seals using Volkswagen Genuine Parts®.

Why Volkswagen Genuine Oil Filter?

  • Excellent filtering performance
  • High temperature and aggressive engine oil elements resistance
  • High quality sealant materials and precisely fitting connectors
  • Pressure-resistant and corrosion resistant filter housing
  • Reliable engine protection

The use of non-genuine oil filters will void your warranty. Make sure to have your vehicle serviced, checked and repaired by an authorized Volkswagen dealer.