Brake FluidBrake Fluid

Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid.

When braking, the brake fluid is pressurized. This pressure on the brake fluid transmits the pedal force to the brakes.

What happens to the brake fluid? From time to time brake fluid absorbs water from the air. When the water content in the brake fluid starts the reach a dangerous level, it reduces its ability to transfer hydraulic pressure and causes the feared “step into nothing” effect. Old brake fluid therefore needs to be replaced in specified intervals to avoid delayed braking reaction and even complete brake failure.

The use of brake fluids that doesn’t meet vehicle’s standard specification will affect the braking performance.

What we do:

We check the level and inspect the system for leaks. We drain the system and fill it with new Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid. The first replacement is due at your 45,000 km or 3rd year service and every 30,000 km or 2 years after (depending on the vehicle’s specification).

Why Volkswagen Genuine Brake Fluid?
  • Meets the high requirements of new models (VW standard 501 14, which represents optimum quality for the brake systems of all Volkswagen vehicles)
  • Short pressure build-up times
  • Has a 10°C higher wet boiling point than standard brake fluids. This ensures greater operational safety with a higher water content and under increased thermal loading.