Air Filter.Air Filter.

Volkswagen Genuine Air Filter.

Air filters intercept particulate matter in the intake air before it can be drawn into the engine’s combustion chambers. If dirt particles end up in the engine due to inadequately sealed, poorly fitted or clogged filters, they act like sandpaper, damaging components such as piston rings, bearings, valves and cylinder walls.

What happens if air filter is not replaced?
Your vehicle performance will be noticeably affected and may also lead to running problems and faults with the vehicle.

After market/sporty or non-genuine air filters will not improve your vehicle’s performance as they don’t provide the same filtration and specification as Volkswagen genuine Air filter. Contrary, it will damage your engine.

Tip: Get your air filter checked if you notice your engine is not running smooth, including uneven running and increased idling speeds.

What we do:

We check and clean the housing and hoses and replace your old filter with a new Volkswagen Genuine Air Filter at every 20,000 km to 40,000 km.

Why Volkswagen Genuine Air Filter?
  • Precisely tailored for every engine type
  • Fit exactly into their respective filter housings and provide a perfect seal
  • Reliable filtration of all sizes of dirt particles
  • High absorption capacity due to the engine-specific geometry of their filter paper folds, their special paper embossing and creasing and their large filtering surface

The use of aftermarket/ non-genuine air filters will void your warranty. Make sure to have your vehicle serviced, checked and repaired by an authorized Volkswagen dealer.